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Gym director

Your favourite The Little Gym story? 

- Every day I experience new, favorite moments. The children and parents give so much positive energy and show a lot of appreciation. Children are very open and honest and this allows for new surprising moments every day, bringing laughter and joy. I really like my job at The Little Gym, every day is different.

How did you get interested in sports?
- When I was four I started ballet and gymnastics. Soon I was selected for the advanced group at my gymnastics club. Until I was 12 I did gymnastics at a competitive level. In 8th grade I was taken by my mother to a ballet performance of the Scapino Ballet. I was amazed by the dancers on stage and decided that I wanted to be just like them. I auditioned for the dance academy right away and was accepted. From 8th grade I went to the dance academy three times a week after school and practiced different types of dance. I continued to do this throughout my high school education and afterwards went to the Performing Arts Academy.

What ​do you love to do in your free time?
- In my spare time I like to meet up with friends / family for a nice meal or drinks. I enjoy running, going out and shopping. At least once a year you will find me on the slopes on my snowboard, which i really enjoy a lot.

​What can't you live without? ​
- I could not live without my family and friends and especially my mother. My mother is very dear to me.

Where ​have you lived?
- I was born in Waalwijk, in the Southern province of Noord-Braband until I turned 21 when I moved to Amsterdam.